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At Parranga cooking is our passion; we have always loved creating flavors from our heritage and share the experience.

Inspired on the savory rich taste of Mexico that reminds us to a fun tongue twister: Parangaricutirimicuaro, the name of a legend about a small town, a volcano and the longest place name in Mexico. We bring to you Parranga, a fun place full of tradition, flavor and enjoyment.

Some people might find other similar words like pachanga or parranda, two words which mean “to party” in Spanish, a state of being that we are very much likely. Parranga is a blend of many influences from the tongue twister, to the synthesis of the words party and joy.

For those who don’t believe the town is real, it is a place located in the state of Michoacan in central pacific coast of Mexico with 20 thousand inhabitants. The word parangari in Tarascan Language, native language of Michoacan, means table. At Parranga: Welcome to our Table.

The menu has been driven by the concoction of unique seasonal fresh local ingredients, the chef will showcase the individual flavors of each perfect element while also drive a blend of flavors that will keep you returning for another bite.

Jose Miguel Smith
Executive Chef

Executive Chef Jose Miguel Smith’s passion for cooking was first sparked during his childhood in Mexico, where he helped make fresh corn tortillas in the backyard of his family home. For him, each memory “has a flavor” and a smell, which he hopes to bring to the table for customers at Parranga. When he later moved to California at 10 years old, he started helping with farmwork in Yolo County in the summers, and was inspired by the essence of different seasonal fruits and vegetables. To Jose Miguel, a connection to food and where it comes from is extremely important, and he is bringing this ingredient-driven philosophy to Parranga. Freshly made tortillas will be on the menu, along with hormone-free meats and non-GMO ingredients sourced from local farms.

The menu will combine the rich tastes of his Mexican heritage with the freshest ingredients from Northern California. Considering Chef Jose Miguel’s bi-cultural upbringing, and his classical training in French, Japanese, American, Polynesian, and other Latin American cuisines, he is beyond prepared to create these flavor fusions.

Jose Miguel was previously Executive Chef at La Urbana and most recently at Airbnb headquarters kitchen. His twelve years of experience leading in the kitchen and preparing his impressive range of cuisines at several San Francisco restaurants such as Fresca and Trader Vic’s will culminate in his role as Executive Chef of Parranga. Jose Miguel will continue to bring only the finest quality fare to the table and hopes that Parranga customers learn about and connect with the diverse cuisine of Mexico on the menu.